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Politics of Confrontation

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It appears that politics of confrontation and obstruction is up surging fast in India. With the advent of regional parties, the political scenario of our country has changed enormously, where confrontation plays leading role. In the line, AAP is the newest party which has left all far behind championing itself as confrontationist and obstructionist. This kind of polity, though dangerous in nature, is not deniable the in democracy.
Now a days, nation is witnessing the confrontation of AAP with LG of Delhi. Chief Minister Arvind Kejariwal knows it better that statehood character of Delhi is not similar to that of other states, yet he is insisting on to make a nonissue an issue. It is evident that Delhi is a National Capital Territory and, therefore, as per Constitution of India and law of the land, powers of LG and CM are well defined. Even since the Delhi rose to statehood, almost two decades before, no such kind of confrontations have been reported so far. To make the things clear, Government of India has issued a notification. Kejariwal called it a letter issued by Centre with the vested interests of getting Delhi administered in disguise by LG.
Kejariwal is a self-centered person who works by his whims. For instance, he ousted Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav from AAP, confronted with Delhi Police, LG, Govt. of India, media etc. Perhaps he is not satisfied with CM post and wants to become PM and, therefore, he is wilfully trying to bring Modi in the fight. He himself has said, he is an anarchist, obstructionist, and confrontationist time and again. It may be his way of doing politics, but it is definitely going to harm our democracy. His acts appears to be similar to that of Maoists. By organizing Jan Samvaad Sabha on 25 May, 2015, he is again trying to divert attention of Delhi people from false promises made. There is no need of Jan Samvaad whereas we see Kejari-Jung Samvaad every day. Will he desist himself from indulging in politics of confrontation and, in the place, do good for the people? Time will say.

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jlsingh के द्वारा
May 24, 2015

I think it is the part of Democracy! Modi is doing same thing in polite way so every body is appreciating him but kejriwal is the substitite now a days …no other person is so much aggressive. My english may be poor but I think you can understand what I wanted to say. Regards!

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