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Vandalizing of Churches: A Well Thought Conspiracy

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During the assembly election in Delhi, many cases of vandalizing of churches took place in a sequence within a fortnight or two. Thereafter, two more churches, one in Bhandup, Mumbai and another in Jabalpur, were also attacked. And recently, in the last month, a church in Agra fell prey to miscreant’s vandalism. Consequently, strong voices of protest were raised against such acts of hooliganism from across the society. This was aptly expressed notion of the people of this country which promises to ensure religious freedom for all. Our constitution guarantees freedom of practice and preach of religion of choice to all citizens. The protection of the places of worship is, therefore, the responsibility of the state. The maintenance of law and order is a provincial subject. However, central government cannot escape from its responsibility putting the onus on the states. Both governments, shedding acrimony, if any, can make a holistic approach, with coordinated efforts, in making a congenial atmosphere for the people to live together amicably without any dispute on religious issues. But nothing of the kind is seen taking place due to petty politics. The politics of our country is sharply divided into two factions; secular and communal. All the parties, which opposes BJP, are self-proclaimed secular, whereas, the rest are communal declared by them. It is this fact that compels opposition to side with minorities in blaming BJP for all mischievous plays of communalism. Soon after the attacks on churches, opposition, without wasting a moment, vehemently voiced in a united tune that BJP was behind the vandalism of churches.

Before discussing further about incidents, it is pertinent to know the concept of secularism in India. Secularism in India stands for equal treatment of all religions by the state, whereas, in western countries, it is for the separation of religion from state. The word secularism was incorporated into constitution during emergency by making 42nd amendment in the year 1976. Almost after twenty six years the constitution of India came into existence, what prompted to include the word ‘secularism’ in the Preamble is beyond the common sense of a common man of this country. Was there no secularism in the country before the 42nd amendment of the constitution? Was the state treating unequally with the citizens on the ground of religion? Was the constitution itself not secular before the amendment? Though the constituent assembly, after a thorough and long discussions, gave an ideal secular constitution to the nation, can we really boast of it only after 42nd amendment? The straight answers of all these questions will definitely be ‘no’. The fact is that the then Congress government deliberately wanted to divide the society on the religious ground in pursuit to garner minority support en block. And thereafter, the era of minority politics started with the eyes on vote bank. The fights of political parties converted into two groups: secular and communal. In spite of, inclusion of ‘secular’ word to the preamble of the constitution, it proved an erroneous step. And now this secularism is being used as a tool for grasping minority votes. Thus result is before us in the form of attacks on the places of worships, which provides opportunities for religious blame-games for the political parties.

Further, it has been observed that there were six incidents of sequential attacks of stone throwing etc. on churches in Delhi in a very small span of time-all during assembly election. AAP and Congress had openly blamed BJP for these attacked. One of AAP’s main spoke persons along with many volunteers showed solidarity with Christians during their protest march. Unlike other protesters, AAP volunteers chanted slogans against BJP, RSS and Modi blaming for the attacks. And now, since then no such incident took place. A few days back Delhi Police made it clear in its inquiry reports that there was no communal angle behind these church attacks. It means it was a political conspiracy to garner minority votes. Appeal of Imam Ahmad Bukhari to Muslims for voting in favour of AAP also substantiates this secular conspiracy.

A few days before, a 70 years old nun was raped in West Bengal. It was a heinous crime. People from all walks of life condemned it and demanded strictest punishment for culprits. As soon as, the news of this gory incident flashed in the electronic media, Trimool Congress, jumped in at once declaring BJP responsible for the case. Other parties also followed TMC. Thereafter, during the condolence meeting, Father-in-chief also indicated towards Hindu forces behind the incidence. Since political parties and minority clerics are self-certified secular, they have every right to declare BJP responsible for any incidence related to religious minorities even before the inquiry held and report submitted. But the truth was something else and not digestive for these champions of secularism. Four Bangladeshi Muslim Youths were arrested and they confessed their hands in the rape case. No comment from any corner heard after the truth came to light. Besides, almost during the same time a bomb was hurled at Velur Math temple run by R. K. Mission in West Bengal. There was no reaction, there was no hue and cry by any secularist or cleric because it was a Hindu temple.

In the last month, a church in Agra was vandalised and a statue was broken by some miscreants. Similar voices were raised with fingers pointing towards the same Hindu clan as in other cases. Muslim clerics like Kalbe Sadiq and Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali stood in solidarity with Christians to protest against the attack on Agra church. The mob of protestors also gave an ultimatum to state government to arrest the culprits within forty hours or face consequences. Consequently a Muslim youth named Haider was arrested for attacking the church. The truth came to light as he told that he had been in love with a Christian girl living near the church. According to him she rejected his proposal of marriage on the ground they belong to two different religions. The refusal of his proposal by the girl angered him so much that he decided to take revenge by instigating communal tension. And, therefore, he, in that fit, attacked church.
Similarly in the case of attack on St. Anthony Church, Bhandup, Mumbai, matter has been resolved. According to Mumbai police, recently a youth named Paulraj Yuvan Nadar has been arrested with his brother Dinkaran Nadar who created ruckus. The accused were drunk and they started creating trouble outside church. When the father of perish asked them to behave properly, Paulraj Nadar broke the glass of statue with his hand. Be it known that the duo brothers are Christian. In this case too BJP and Hindu organisations were blamed for the incident.

Now it is very clear that all the political parties and minority religious groups are working day and night for blaming Hindu organisation in the name of secularism. Appeasing one community for vote bank cannot be secular act. This is nothing else but purely a pseudo-secularism. In the disguise of such secularism, they have been targeting BJP for a long time just for minority’s votes. Even they are busy in webbing well thought conspiracies against RSS and BJP, as it is evident from the attacks on churches and rape case of nun. We must not forget that Indian culture is tolerant and inclusive in nature: the proof is prospering of Islam and Christianity. Be thoughtful and think times and again to make India strong as a one society. Be aware of such conspiracy too.

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जय श्री राम सिंह जी सुंदर और साफ़ परन्तु सत्य से पूर्ण लेख के लिए बहुत बधाई

rameshagarwal के द्वारा
May 8, 2015

जय श्री राम २२८ मंदिरों में तोड़फोड़ हुयी कोई हल्ला नहीं मचा.मोदीजी को बदनाम करने और सोनिया को समर्थन के लिए ये पोप के आदेश से हल्ला मचाया जा रहा.यदि मंदिरों की मूर्तिया चोरी हो कर यूरोप में बेची जाये तो क्या हाँ पोप को दोषी तःराहेंगे.जिस तरह रोबरिओ म्सुशील कुमार और जस्टिस जोसफ ने कम्युनल कार्ड खेला शर्म की बात हमारे सेक्युलर नेता वोट्स के लिए देश को बेच सकते है.

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